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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 14, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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jacks four girls lived and how they might have died. for the first time, jacks showed real emotion, crying as detectives showed her photos of her girls. three of them lying side by side, all of there heads turned to the right. the oldest girl, a 17-year-old in another room on a hardwooden floor lying in her own blood. hour after hour, jacks still maintained her innocence. i could never hurt my kid, she said. i love children. i used to work with kids. when they didn't wake up, why didn't you get help the detective asked? because i knew this was going to happen, she said. a lot of trouble for me. >> i'm lindsey in walkersville. two popular softball coaches have been terminated for violating the school's alcohol- free rules. young invited his players and parents to his house for an end of the year celebration. some of those parents brought beer and shared it with other adults. >> i did have a drink, in fact, my husband and i brought
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some. >> the punishment means he cannot coach for three years in frederick county. >> it is going to end my coaching career. >> mary tells 9news now young's contract was not renewed because of the beer at the party. many members of the team, including young's own daughter say the punishment does not fit the crime. >> i really don't think there should be a punishment, actually. >> he is really upset about it. coaching the high school team means the world to him. >> young has appealed the school's decision. >> i'm scott broome on capitol hill where the first congressional hearings in the wake of the metro red line tragedy took place and general manager, john kato said it's time to get new electronic track controls immediately. >> we have already contacted venders. we have meetings scheduled tomorrow morning in my building to begin the process of developing the system. >> john doesn't know what the price tag will be for new electronic controls, but he does know the ntsb recommended an upgrade. in the wake of the red line
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tragedy, investigators have learned the existing electronic track control systems may not have detected a train stopped on the track before it was hit by another train killing nine. meanwhile, the union representing rail operators says trains should stay under manual control until the electronics system is resolved. >> i would rather they operate in manual for years than to lose another life. >> and a short time ago, the city council approved a resolution authorizing an investigation of council member, marion barry. the legislators appointed an attorney to look at contracts. coming up, barry's only in- depth interview in an exclusive one on one with bruce johnson. and one of barry's harsh's critics. stay with us for that. >> meantime, an aid to council member, jack evans was found this morning in baltimore. council members paused for a
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moment of silence this morning in honor of 30-year-old dessie. >> he didn't come to work on monday, we contacted his partner and we were told that on saturday night, they were attending a party on a boat and they couldn't find him after the party was over. >> they found his body in the inner harbor. he had been drinking and was last seen around 10:30 sunday night at the baltimore marine center. police say there is no sign of foul play. >> the mother and sister of a teenage girl killed ten years ago are speaking out tonight. the reeds are against the u.s. supreme court's decision to stay the execution. cristie reid was 14 years old at the time and was brutalized and nearly killed by powell. his first penalty conviction was thrown out, because prosecutors could not prove he raped his sister before killing her. after powell sent the prosecutor a taunting letter admitting to the rape, he was retried and that time he got
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the death penalty. the supreme court is considering powell's argument that he was unconstitutionally tried twice for the same crime. the family says it is just another example of the justice system. >> we don't have as much rights as he does and we are sitting there feeding and clothing him and you know, sorry. >> it is criminal justice for the reason. the justice isn't for the victims. >> my sister didn't get a chance to live, why should he? >> it could lead to a new capital murder trial for paul powell. >> tonight, we are following a search out on the potomac. we are told two men tried to swim across the river from maryland to the virginia side. one of them made it, but the other one is still out there missing somewhere. his name has not been released. stay with 9news and for more updates. >> we continue to ask questions about the death of a sailor. we are not getting many
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answers. the ncis criminal investigative services is on the case, but not releasing any new information until they contact the sailor's next of kin. the sailor is a woman and her body was found. check for continued updates on this story as well on >> now more on that emergency landing of a southwest airlines jet bound from nashville to baltimore. a passenger on board the flight recorded this video. a football sized hole opened up in the cabin and just above the lodge, you can see it there. the plane was 30,000 feet up in the air above charleston, west virginia when it happened. >> i happen to be sitting in one of the emergency roles and the first thing was that we heard this very loud noise. turned around, and saw the skylight shining through the plane. then immediately, the air bags
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deployed and started feeling a little lightheaded. >> fortunately, nobody was badly hurt. right now, federal inspectors are trying to figure out what caused that hole. >> and another southwest plane had to make an emergency landing earlier today in orlando, florida. flight 3238 was on the way to st. louis when cockpit sensors indicated a fire in the plane's power unit. investigators have not yet confirmed if there was a fire in the power unit. and career firefighters say the public is not safe and county officials are gambling with people's lives. they voice their concern about the fire houses that are not staffed during a confirmation hearing for their new chief. dave is with the story. >> this is a difficult day for us. >> difficult because the union representing paid career firefighters has never before posed an appointment. members came to the council to say they can't support him because of his rotating removal of staffing from fire stations
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during his time as acting chief. >> for a county council and an administration, it has been so addmently opposed to gambling in this county. it's astonishing to us that we are now willing to gamble with the safety and the lives of the employees and the citizens of c the county. >> we haven't had any incident where somebody didn't get service from prince georges county ems. >> isn't that luck? >> no, it's not just luck. we have done our homework. >> having fire stations without career or firefighters, the volunteers leadership supports the new chief. >> i'm here today to endorse chief jones. >> i'm here to proudly endorse the fire chief. >> this caused so much concern is only temporary. the chief says the next plan will term innocently remove paid career firefighters from neighborhood fire houses and
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they may not have volunteers, which will close them. >> we don't close fire stations. it will always be staffed with volunteers unless there are no volunteers. >> dave, 9news now and >> the new chief says he is expecting to increase the ranks with 500 new volunteers. chief jones was confirmed by the county council. >> tony is here with the 9forecast first. you got to love this weather. how much more? >> outstanding. just tonight, i think, then we ercogog tn urtoe thrn to a sremoeasonal weather pattern. it's in the low 80s right now. we are going to drop into the 50s tonight again. very unusual for this time of the year. it is going to warm up over the next couple of days and throw rain in the forecast. show you the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you tony. coming up, a text message scam you need to know about. if you think working at mcdonald's doesn't pay, this lady proved thatreeothry wrong. we'll tell you about her big payday coming up nix.
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welcome back. the dc council approved an investigation on marion barry, specifically noted attorney, bennett will be given subpoena powers that he awarded to his girlfriend. barry sat down today for his first in-depth interview since the story broke with bruce johnson. >> this is bruce johnson, councilman continues to blame u.s. park police while dismissing any personal responsibility for his arrest after he was stopped while following his exgirlfriend in her car with her exhusband. >> the blame aught to be on the park police. that's what started all this. illegally arrested me. we would not have some of this going on. >> you apologize to the
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council members. >> because i had brought . intended consequences t emth >> emwhat about the contracts? he hired donna for consulting wo eythwereeyngtida to pay her some $60,000 in taxpayer funds. >> donna had very serious financial problems. and some other things that i don't want to get into that were personal. >> wait a minute. let me finish a minute. >> and we were talking about how do you work that out? also at the same time i started this program. >> the fact you needed this money to control your personal relationship? > absolutely not. >> for the first time, the councilman produced a document that he says represents their work. >> took their resume, the bachelor's degree and a master's degree. >> authorized a private attorney, robert bennett to investigate barry's contract with his exgirlfriend and other
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contracts in the councilman's office. >> absolutely. they should be upset about it the park police. >> you hadn't been in anacostia park. >> new no, i drive through that park 90% of the time. >> one observer said there's a fatigue setting in among supporters and the former four- term mayor couldn't win an at large race in the city these days. barry would respond, he doesn't have to. all he has to do is keep winning in ward 8. >> have you talked? >> no, absolutely not. >> if you had a chance to talk to her, what would you say? >> i'm not going to talk to her. >> bruce johnson, 9news now and >> joining us now. david and councilman, everybody thinks this is all about the girlfriend, but you think it goes even deeper than that to nonprofits to the exmayor established in ward 8? >> after all of this came out last friday after the council
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decided to go forward, new information surfaced that councilman barry -- received earmarks that council member barry designated and he created the organizations to then spend those funds. there's evidence that councilman barry spent those. when we look at the benefits, there are allegations that are listed as incorporators, their suggested were forged, another individual claims she never knew anything about it and another person who is on with the documents doesn't exist. >> where do you think this money is going? >> that's a good question. i ask the inspector general to investigate and to have an account of these funds. >> all right, councilman barry says he sent you a letter and sent it to us as well. alleging you and he have issues and it is getting personal. for example, i will quote some of this. you walked out of the
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chairman's press conference making an emotional public statement. he says i attribute your latest actions to my no-vote, recognizing same sex marriages from other states and goes on to write, you used choice words when speaking with him and you literally cursed me out. since that time, you have been rude, disrespectful, and will not speak to me when spoken to. >> that's absolutely not true. marion is attempting to deflect attention from his own actions. unfortunately, there's a long tradition of him not accepting responsibility for his actions. >> i saw you walk out of that press conference and basically saying something like, i can't take this anymore. >> no, i did. here's what it was. when we met last friday to discuss this issue in the chairman's office. the chairman announced what he thought to be an appropriate action going forward, we were not led to believe that marion would be making a presentation, when marion stood up and when marion started to write in about deflecting responsibility about an unlawful arrest and
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again, not accepting responsibility for actions or even a tokened admission that his action was appropriate. i said enough. i walked out as did other members, i'm not a alone. >> because he voted against the gay marriage statute in dc, recognizing gay marriages from out of states and that's something you would be married. that's something you are angry about and that's why it has become personal? >> absolutely not. this is again an effort on mr. barry's part to deflect responsibility. he refuses to take it. in fact, the evidence speaks for itself. to blame somehow, you know, this whole thing over his vote is ridiculous. it's as if i forced him to drive down the wrong way of a one-way street. i asked him to forge his relationship and asked him to put her on the payroll. i think it'sridiculous. >> how would you describe your relationship with him before all of this? >> even in spite of this,
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there are things that i respect and like about marion. but if he is asking that we place the higher responsibility, or higher calling, i'm just not willing to go there. >> where do you want to see this go? >> you know, you've noticed not one member of the council has mentioned publicly or privately in this meeting. every one of us has said this aught to be a thorough and thoughtful review of the facts. we will make a determination. it is far too premature. even though the evidence is somewhat compelling, these are simply allegations that have been made by individuals associated with these nonprofits. they are not established facts. they are allegations, but i think it's important that they be investigated. >> it's also important that you have good news you wanted to put out about what's happening in ward 8. >> there are great things that is happening in the city. people may not realize this. there's a resolution going on.
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we have cut our degree of uninsured in half. we have the lowest rate of un insured in the country. only 7% of our country is uninsured. 33,000 have coverage today that they didn't have four years ago. we had a ceremonial resolution today on the renaissance at united medical center, which is the only hospital in ward 8. this is a package that i helped put together that invested $79 million, taking the hospital that would have absolutely closed its doors had we not intervened and it's now the best resourced and best equipped community hospital in the region. >> all right, one of the things we do not have unlimited quantities of is time. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate that. if you missed any of this interview, you can see it on starting at 7:30 and bruce johnson's exclusive interview is online as well at up next, tony pan the weather man ba ckwith that full forecast. keep it right here. (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this:
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a fast food restaurant, apparently you want to go to the mcdonald's on new lampshire avenue. mcdonald's chose one employee at random to receive their choice, a new smart car or $10,000 in cash. after checking out the car, which is as big as a large fry, the winner decided to take the $10,000. don't take the bait in tonight's living smart focus. the crime center says a brand- new fishing scam is out there targeting banks and credit unions customers. criminals will send you a text message that says your account has been compromised and they want you to call an 800 number. once they get your personal information from that phone call, the account is wiped out and the money is transferred
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overseas. bottom line, you get a message like that, delete it. good evening, i'm tony, we are off to another fine start this evening as far as temperatures go. it is going to warm up over the next couple of days. get us close to 90 on wednesday and thursday. that's just how it is supposed to be for this time of the year. tonight, very comfortable. the temperatures are going to drop into the 50s again. last night we set a low at dulles airport and tonight we will get close to it. it will stay in the 60s downtown. outstanding weather for tonight. partly sunny tomorrow, warmer and humid. a slight chance for a thunderstorm later in the afternoon. temperatures between 85 and 90. right now, the skies are mostly clear. a few high thin clouds. the relative humidity is 28%. that means the temperatures are going to fall quickly after sunset. we will drop into the 50s by early wednesday morning. some of the heat that has been down in the southern plains
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will break off and head towards us. nothing oppressive. back to normal as we mentioned. this system here will wind up giving us a chance of a shower or thunderstorm as we head through the end of the week. in the short-term, high pressure will be close enough to keep us dry for most of the day on wednesday. i put a 30% chance in for a thunderstorm late in the afternoon on wednesday and on thursday. the best chance for rain if you are counting on that this week will be friday and saturday. we really could use some rain, so let's hope we get coverage on that system coming through at the end of the week. the temperatures cool off over the weekend again with highs 83, 84 degrees. >> we are looking thunderstorms on the weekend or a steady rain? >> i think it will be scattered thunderstorms, but i'm going to root for the steady rain, because we need it. >> all right, thank you sir. we'll be back in a minute. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. 9news now wi bt llgh. rickba
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in the mail bag tonight, yesterday we asked what you think of a pentagon proposal that could ban smoking in the armed services. one out of three service members smoke as compared to one out of five in the general population. tom thinks it's a grand idea. be the best you can be. i think it is great our troops will have one less reason to be coughing and choking while on
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important and physically demanding missions. are you saying without smoking, the troops will be army strong? i couldn't resist. then there was this, on a question, i took to tony pann the weather man. after the launch was delayed by thunderstorms. how come they don't launch in the morning before the storms become a problem? dave gave an answer. i believe the space shuttle doesn't launch in the morning, if it launch in the morning, it would be ahead of the space station and catch up to it. they wait until the space station has passed over them, so they come up behind it. except back in june when they had that hydrogen leak in previous delays, the shuttle was due to launch in the a.m. i put a call into nasa in hopes to resolving this and they said you are half right. it is all about the position of the space station, but it apparently and as best as i can understand, this sort of thing shifts around as the weeks and months go by. one thing that doesn't change, no mail bag without your e-
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mail. so please keep them coming. the address. >> that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00. if you are planning on a trip to the maryland eastern shore, you might want to stay out of the water. find out why at 11:00. don't forget, log on any time you like to bye. (announcer) the official $5 combo of summer is here. featuring arby's new bbq bacon cheddar roastburger with curly fries and a drink for only $5. it's the $5 combo done better.
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this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. michael jackson's toxicology report. is the cause of death about to be revealed? why is the coroner at michael's doctor office today? plus, did a new reality show capture michael's final weeks on camera? >> i could provide clues into the superstar's untimely demise. then, the explosive michael jackson tell-all. >> he was always dressed as a woman and very convincingly. >> claims of a secret double life. and his two eating disorders. >> michael was anorexia. late, breaking news on the custody deal. plus, rare shots of michael's children in happier times. then -- >> our families were very similar. >> marie osmond's memories of michael. >> having all of this fun. britney's back


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